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Redding’s only mobile first aid and CPR training!

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Knowing how to respond in an emergency benefits everyone around you!

Are your prepared when an emergency situation arises? By taking one of our first aid classes, you'll learn what it takes to keep an injured person safe until professionals are on the scene. Be ready in your workplace, when out and about, and when at home when those accidents happen.


Learn when to administer aid and when to hold back in a dangerous situation. Have the skills to offer aid, but also keep the injured person safe, as well as yourself. Knowing just how much or how little to give is one of the most important skills to have.

Accidents happen so be ready to help

• Workplace safety

• Legal responsibilities

• Packing a first aid kit

• Protection from blood-borne pathogens

• Bleeding control

• Responder care

• Medical emergencies

Learn your responsibilities

You'll also learn when it's your responsibility to help. Unless your job description calls for you to treat others, you cannot be held legally accountable for helping or opting not to help. Let us teach you the different scenarios for when to help or find help for injured parties.  

Your first aid experts

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